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Just add milk is our first CD. The eight self-penned songs are stylistically rather different and should hint at our future releases.
The CD should be available very soon!

Just add milk

Homogène (entire song - 4MB)
2. Brain in the fridge
3. Away (clip - 540KB)
4. Noninvolved
5. Dream sequence (clip - 660KB)
6. Out of sight
7. Soft cheese (clip - 620KB)
8. Upon Mars

The following are a few songs that are not directly related with the CouchPoets, but still feature a few members:
  • Napoleon's Palace
    Jazzy cover of a Bob Schneider song for a cover CD project.
      Andreas - Keys, Bass, Vocals
      Kiyoshi - Guitars
      Berni - Trumpet

  • Is it over
    A song written, performed and produced by Andreas that's not really CouchPoets related.
      Andreas - Keys, Bass, Vocals

  • Lost 4 words
    Another not really CouchPoets related song, written, performed and produced by Andreas. The lyrics aren't completely done yet (suggestions are welcome ;), thus neither the vocals nor the mastering/mixing is finalized yet.
    An R'n'B version featuring our new singer Julia is in the works!
      Andreas - Keys, Bass, Vocals
      Daniel - Acoustic guitar
      Kiyoshi - Electric guitar

An MP3-capable media-player like WinAmp is necessary to listen to the songs.

All songs copyright (C) 2002-2004 by CouchPoets.