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CouchPoets - THE name in Contemporary-Neo-Indie-Honky-Tonk. Actually, we don't know what that really is, and if you find a more suitable name for our music, drop us an email.

Same time of the season
Same place in the world
Same everything to everyone
To homogeneity we're hurled

Update - October 29, 2004
Time for a quick one: So while the German part of the webpage was updated every now and then, nothing happened in the English version really. I finally got around to update a few things, including the new song Lost for words. It's still not quite finished, but it's almost there. More substantial news will have to wait for a few months...


Some news - November 30, 2003
As if anybody would actually read these pages in English :). There've been a few updates to the German site in the past few months, so I figured it's time for some news here as well. We've been working a bit on songs for the new CD, but are only progressing at a very slow pace - lots of other stuff that comes in our way. Hopefully, the christmas break will get juices flowing again.
Andreas has taken the time to produce an "independent" song in the meanwhile - check out "Is it over" on the music page. If everything goes well, there'll be a electronic remix by our buddy Chris from Australia!

More somewhen else,
The Sofa-Sonateers

CD Release - August 29, 2003
Unbelievable, but still true - green on white, we're finally holding the proof of the last few month's work in our hands. Pressing of "Just add milk" is finished, we've got a nice booklet thanks to Christiane, and if you want to save a copy for yourself, write us a line!

Honky-Tonky greetings,
Them CouchPoets

While waiting for the CD to finally come out: with Bernhard's and Kiyoshi's help, Andreas recorded a cover of Bob Schneider's "Napoleon's Palace". See the music page for a download. This was done for a project of his Fangroup.