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Just add milk

  1. Homogène
  2. Brain in the fridge
  3. Away
  4. Noninvolved
  5. Dream sequence
  6. Out of sight
  7. Soft cheese
  8. Upon Mars


  1. Is it over
  2. Lost 4 words
  3. Take me away

Homogène (M / L: Ess)
C'est quand tout est réparti de façon égale, équitable..

Same time of the season
Same place in the world
Same everything to everyone
To homogeneity we're hurled

A wink of the past
Shifts by in airy snooze
Extends to the future
Suspends darkened hues

    Wait for wind
    Make it move
    Take your turn
    Sail the oceans of light


Same time of the season
Same place in the world
Same everything to everyone
Our lives hardly swirled

This feeling that is binding
A light slumber, feverish
Life's a prolonged grinding
Still, what for should I wish

Brain in the fridge (M / L: Ess)
Brain in the fridge
Cooling down just below zero
Frozen like a popsicle down there

Away (M: Ess / L: Ebner)
I am having a beer
Just feeling sorry for myself
All the hope slowly disappears

It's like walking through hell
Over blist'ring coals
They are burning me like your last words

    I try to get stronger - but no one's there to hold me
    First you left me - and then I left myself...

Listening to a few songs
About hope and love and tears
Just to know where to belong to

I ask myself always the same -
Same old odd "what if"s
In different shapes and different frames

Oh, fuck all that lover's grief
Nothing's as hard as taking leave

Start to hate the once loved sound
But still not strong enough
To just not listen to it anymore

And all these sweet memories
Just truth in Sunday suit
Conjured up by those rasped words

Oh, I pity myself down
Just am deeply distressed
Music just leaves me depressed

Noninvolved (M: Ess / L: Ebner)
I feel lonely inside like a stranger in this town
Memories are passing by and I try to hold'em down
  Then I have to open my eyes
  I see hate in a snaky disguise
I am lonely outside, fear's coming over me
I look for somewhere to hide, but there's no place to be

    And we're trying to be noninvolved
    But the past is catching up
    Bygone problems have never been solved

I see emotions untied - they have to be endured
Arrogance and despite make me feel so insecure
  Fanaticism meets scorning clichés
  Pridian thoughts in lethargic haze
There's a sick national pride, a stolid wall to break
I am trembling inside, but I try to keep my faith

There's more clouds in the sky and autumn wants to stay
All leaves are black and white - control slips away
  Overwhelmed by insensible rage
  Air is filled up with anger and hate
I feel lonely inside (and) got fear in every pore
But I'm ready to fight and I know what I fight for

Dream sequence (M / L: Ess)
Walking through the woods
A bewitching voice calling me
I try to resist and turn around
But a chill wind blows me further into
A narrow beaten path where
Light gets caught in the leaven thicket
Single-mindedly, I hover past fading trees
When suddenly everything turns black

Lost in time, shivers creep down my spine
Lost in space, caught in an unseen maze

Out of sight (M: Ess, L: Ebner, Shepcar, Ess)
Diving headfirst through a shimmering reflection
Feel the pressure build - an overall protection
Plunging deeper and deeper - reality out of sight
Space-walking freedom - surrounded by dim light

In unborn sleep and silence a mind gets drawn away
To shelters in other spheres - covered in peace and clay
Bubbling up the remainder of life's curved air
Breath is getting short - surface in another lair

    Then a moment later
    Catching sight of rays
    Shining through the surface
    A few minutes of freedom
    Try to seize the day

Unable to grasp the flickering mirages inside
See the blurry contrast of white on white
A careful choreography of imagined interactions
Thoughts seem double edged, divided and distracted

A glimmer of awareness passes by and remains unseen
Like catching sparks of blazing fire whatever destiny may bring
An ambivalent confusion - an attempt to walk on water
Searching true conclusions - each question an answer's daughter

Stumbling down an endless road
Seek to pursue distant aims
Strive to satisfy ambition
Disregard common games

Escaping from everyday routine
From well-known rigid patterns
From intellectual limitation
Realize what really matters

Soft Cheese (M / L: Ess)
Remember the other day we met at a friend's?
You had that devilish yummy look to you so...
Pulled myself together 'n moved slowly to(wards) you
But you were gone before I even opened my mouth

    Soft cheese
    It was love at first sight

Kept striving through the streets for the days to come
And when we finally stood face to face you
Just couldn't hold back, we were off to my house where
I just left you 10 minutes in the midday sun ('cause my phone rang)

So hey...
Believe me when I say that I
Really wanted you to stay, indeed
How, how could you melt away?
It would've been okay
...on my tongue

Don't tell me your expiration date
Was printed on some plate
Next time I don't need no advice
'cause I'll simply be putting you on ice

Upon Mars (M / L: Ess)
The peachy blossom of her face is
Kindled by the magic of the moon
As she lies there...
All alone

Wondering how things have come
She's searching for the answer in the stars
It ain't cloudy...
Upon Mars

The glitter of a shooting star
Bustles about before its sudden decay

Whenever a star's light lits her love
She know it has faded away... by now

Somewhere up there a spacecraft waits
Anchored and ready to fly

The orange cover of a new dawn
Lies itself upon the waking land
Far too soon...
She's pulled back

Lying on the yellowed grass
A few blue rain clouds' flights from now
She could be there...
Upon Mars

She feels the pressure in her veins
The heart race as she lifts off
There's no way this could have been in vain
No way this could have been all fluff

Is it over? (M / L: Ess)
Say is it over - yet?
I don't dare to open my eyes
... too frightened

Through hand-muffled ears
I can hear jarring lullabyes
... so peaceful

    I spy something
    I spy something
    Repeat itself

There's no more hide and seek
Once counted down there's no return
... too early

Now staring at blank walls
Thoughts diffuse in naked reverbs
... so lonely

    I spy something
    I spy something
    Repeat itself

Little girls pink-frilled umbrellas
Eaten by toothless tigers
Covered in salad's salmonellas

I can't tear myself away
Like a plaster from a fresh wound
... that's still bleeding

    I spy something
    I spy something

Who's gonna disinfect
Who's gonna disinfect my deeds
My ruined deeds

    I spy something
    I spy something

It's over now
It's over... now

Lost for Words (M / L: Ess)
Every hour, every day
I'm searching words, they slip away
Nothing comes to mind

Took the time to take a stroll
Questing my very soul
Who will tell the way?

Foggy tails sidle 'round my face
Partners farther, near displaced
They want all of me to try again, once again

But I can't see through mists of words
Stories start, but then stay blurred
Who will help me to sharpen them, focus them?

There's something you want to know
Well I can tell you
Nothing, not a thing

    Can't tell the truth (lost for words)
    Can't tell a lie (lost for words)
    Can't tell some story (lost for words)
    I can tell you nothing at all

Letters falling through my fingers
Should I grab or let them linger
Is less better or just not enough?

I guess there are words better left unspoken
Before with silence, trust is broken
And there's no way to undo it, all gone and lost

Conjure up my smile with a hush
Words can never be as lush
Let me tell you anything...
As long as it's nothing

Take me away (M / L: Ess)
These painful convulsions
Cage my mind and mood
They're hardly soothed by coffee
Or the stale morning news

I... sleepwalk past emptiness
Bond with newly found loneliness
Prepare an ignorant smile for the day to come

    Take me away
    Take me away from this boredom
    There's nothing I could want to do
    'cause it's boring without you

There's your perfume on my T-Shirt
The hardly used toothbrush
And at the place where I never sit
Your imprint on my sofa's plush

The card you wrote me for the evening
That once decided our fate
The bottle of vinegar in the fridge
It was champaign on a forlorn wait

    Take me away
    Take me away from this boredom
    There's nothing I could want to do
    'cause it's boring without you

    It's boring without you

The silent smiles of reunion in your eyes
Always weighed more than the minutes to come
They ask me where you are and you where I am
But we both don't know

    Take me away
    Take me away from this boredom
    There's nothing I could want to do
    'cause it's boring without you

    It's boring without you